The Traffic Controller

GENRE : Strategy




Controlling on road Traffic is not as easy as it seems. But, with proper training you can be a best Controller in the world. You don’t need to learn all Traffic signs and its complicated rules, you don’t need to chase high speed cars. All you have to do is manage on road Traffic.

Traffic Controller (TC) is a light strategy game. The objective is to direct the vehicles such that there are no accidents. Make way for Police car and Ambulance. Follow the indicators and turn the vehicles to its desired direction. Quick decisions and speed is the key to score high.


  • Very easy to learn game play – Just touch and drag the vehicles to the desired lane
  • Addictive – It only take few minutes to get started but impossible to stop !
  • Power ups – Powerful power-ups boost your score
  • Endless – Every level is packed with endless game experience
  • Environment – 3 unique environment : City roads, Desert roads and Ice roads
  • Levels – Cross target score and unlock new and exciting levels

User Reviews

  • Very addictive game

    - Amol
  • Awesome game Its a awesome game I played so far,In the category of traffic management.

    - Saurabh Khichi